Hacks People Who Know A Lot About Economics Use That Can Help You Save Money Fast

We know it might seem difficult to save money in today’s economy, but it’s not as impossible as it seems. There are a bunch of things you can do to pinch a penny here and there. In the end, you’ll save what you need for a rainy day or to take that amazing trip you’ve always wanted but never thought you could.

Check the Tag on Your Old Mattress

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If your mattress has gotten all crumpled, raggedy, and feels odd to the touch, check the manufacturer’s date on the tag. Then check the manufacturer’s warranty. If there’s still time, you might get a new mattress free of charge by taking a snap of the tag and the crumpled mattress and sending it to them.

Invest in a French Coffee Press

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Instead of going to a coffee shop, invest in a French press. You’ll be able to make coffee that’s tasty right from the comfort of your own home. You’d be surprised how much money you can save over a period of 12 months by using this coffee hack. If you’ve been known to hit your local Starbucks way too many times, then you’ll quickly notice you cut at least $200 off your monthly expenses simply by making coffee at home.

Slow Phone? Don’t Buy a New One


If your phone is too slow, do a back-up of all your photos, songs, and contacts, and reset the phone. Then, only install the apps you really use. After doing the reset, you’ll have a lot more space on your phone and it’ll work a hundred times faster, guaranteed. You won’t need to spend money on replacing it or getting it fixed.

Save Cash Every Month


Don’t you just hate the fact that the second you get paid, you totally start planning what you’re going to get with that money? Instead of watching your paycheck melt away, freeze it! Every payday, move half of what you have left from your last paycheck and put it into your savings account. It might not be much, but those micro payments add quickly.

Make Your Own Dog Toys

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Did you know that you can make your very own dog toy? All you need to DIY this one is an old pair of jeans and replacement squeakers. You’ll also need to do some minor sewing. Don’t feel bad about not buying your pooch an expensive toy. What’s the point in investing in something they’ll tear up in less than a day?

Make a List and Stick to it When Grocery Shopping


When you go grocery shopping, make sure to never shop on an empty stomach, and to also bring a list of everything you need and stick to it. You’ll never get tempted by those last-minute impulse purchases that you weren’t even really need. According to Redditor, Sumit316, “You’ll be more inclined to buy bad food and make poorer purchasing decisions.”

Use Frosted Glass Spray Paint

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Instead of spending money on frosted window glass panes, you can buy a can of frosted glass spray paint. It’s designed to give windows a semi-transparent coating that will make your home look even cooler.

Get Great Carpeting at No Cost

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You can buy a brand-new carpet at a high cost, or you can visit a bunch of different stores and request some free carpet samples. They’ll either give it to you for free, or they’ll charge very little for them. Once you have enough samples, attach them with duct tape and create your own carpet.

Make Your Own Meals and Avoid Buying Food at Work


It’s not always easy to cut back on expenses. You can probably get rid of your cable because you know Netflix and YouTube will be there to save the day. But there are other expenses that can easily add up if you’re not mindful of how much you’re spending every week. Take eating out at work, for example. If you spend about $10 on a meal, then that would mean that over the course of a month, you’ll be spending $220 bucks on food alone! But if you get into a routine of cooking and prepping your meals, not only will this be insanely healthier, but you’ll also save around $2000 a year. Not too shabby!