10 Time-Saving Life Hacks That Will Make Laundry Day A Little Less Annoying

If you’re like 98% percent of people, laundry just isn’t something you actually enjoy doing. Let’s be honest. No one’s dying to get back home to wash a big load! But there are ways to make washing your clothes a little less annoying. Now, we’re not promising that doing laundry is going to have you grinning from ear to ear like one of those actors in detergent commercials, because you’re not an insane person! But these 11 hacks will help make life easier on laundry day, and teach you a few nifty tricks while you’re at it!

Replace Stain Remover With Dishwashing Liquid

If you’re all out of stain remover, you don’t need to fret! Just rub in a dab of dishwashing liquid on the stain before it has a chance to set in and pop it into the machine to wash as usual. You’d be surprised by how well this trick works.

Tie Down Your Shoes

To wash your shoes without hearing them bang around the washing machine, simply tie the shoelaces together and hang the strings over the washer or dryer door as you close it. You’ll still get to clean your shoes without letting them bash around in there like a drunk monkey trapped in an oil drum.

Turn Them Inside Out First

People who wash clothes for a living know that your clothes will last a lot longer if you turn them inside out before washing. It prevents wear and tear as well as fading, so you can keep wearing that Rolling Stones t-shirt for another decade or two… just make sure to turn it inside out first!

Wear Your Clothes A Little Longer


Here’s the easiest way to cut back on doing so many washes — wear your clothes a bit longer. Chances are, you can still wear that sweater two or three more times. Keep lightly worn clothes in a basket or air them out for a bit. Outer layers can be worn a lot more times, for sure!

Protect Your Dark Clothes With Some Coffee Or Black Tea

Surprisingly, if you want your dark clothes to retain their color without fading, you can add a cup or two of coffee or black tea to the rinse cycle. This will keep your clothes stay dark for years to come.

Watch Out For Change

Even the most organized person can forget some change, pins, and other objects in their pockets on laundry day. But if you leave an empty jar next to the washing machine, you’ll not only have a place to put your stuff as you clear out your pockets, you might end up finding enough change to go on a quick Starbucks run!

Hydrogen Peroxide Shortcut

Perhaps, you don’t have the time to wash your shoes in a complete machine cycle. If that’s the case, you don’t need to stress out. You can always use a little hydrogen peroxide instead to rid them of odors. First pull out the insoles and pour a bit directly on them. Watch it foam, scrub with an old toothbrush or anything you got lying around, and then rinse them away.

Take An Aspirin

Here’s a nifty little secret that’ll help you revitalize those whites that have gone gray or yellowish over time. Simply toss a few aspirins into the water before doing a wash. For more stubborn stains you can grind up several aspirins, add the mix to 10 liters of water and soak your clothes for up to seven hours before washing.

Bedding Down

Want to make the bedding softer and all cushy? Well, here’s a lifesaving quick tip for super-soft bedding! Simply add a little bit of vinegar to the wash. It works best if you mix half a cup of vinegar with a half-cup of baking soda and a full cup of water. If you want your bedding to smell like heaven, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Then, you’d just need to soak a sponge in the mixture. Toss the sponge into the wash and you’ll sleep like a baby tonight!

Here’s A Tip For Travelers And Hikers

If you’re on the road or on a hike and you have a laundry emergency (is too cheesy to call it a laundmergency?) you can just toss an item or two into a plastic bag along with some detergent or soap. All you need to do next is shake it up for a bit. Now you just need to let it air dry and voila!