11 Times Restaurants Went Too Far With Their Ridiculous Menu Items

As a customer, you expect nothing less than the best possible service at a restaurant. It’s your money and restaurant owners want it! So, they’ve taken food serving to a whole new level by trying to impress their customers with some interesting menu items. But some of these plates are so insane, you won’t believe your eyes.

Coffee Wrapped In A Piece Of Carrot

Facebook / Locals Corner

If you’re the type that loves to kill two birds with one stone, you’re going to love this drink. It’s an easy way to get your recommended dose of Vitamin C plus some caffeine on the side. This cafe should 100% rename this drink as “Vitamin C(offee),” right?

Unicorn Plates Are All The Rage…Apparently

Reddit / WeWantPlates

That awkward moment when everyone else at the restaurant gets their meals on a plate, and you get your super Instagrammable dessert on a porcelain horse head. Did they think they were catering a My Little Pony fan club meeting?

Food-N-Drink In One


Thirsty? Well too bad because this restaurant has run wooden skewers through a mini-pizza, a sub sandwich, onion rings, pickles, olives, chicken wings, and fries. It sounds delicious, but you might choke before you get to enjoy your refreshing drink.

Are Restaurants Getting Lazier And Lazier?

Reddit / WeWantPlates

Yeah, no. How about you guys do all the job instead? Who wants to spend their time hand-squeezing oranges at a cafe? If we wanted to work extra, we could’ve just stayed home! We’re a bit surprised that they didn’t come with a set of Ikea-style instructions.

Barbie Goes Gaga

She’s a Barbie girl in a meaty world! This restaurant drapes what appears to be uncooked strips of meat on top of a Barbie doll. Then they fan out the bottom to create a meaty skirt dress. As far as we know, the only other gal who has pulled this off is Lady Gaga. Most customers enjoy restaurants thinking outside the box, but we’re dealing with food here. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of Salmonella?

Cake Cups

Reddit / GeneralGiggle

These cake cups are a total pain to eat. We’re not sure what they were trying to accomplish here, but it seems like the pastry chef hates loading up the dishwasher, and just wanted to avoid washing a few extra cake plates. Either that or they’re 100% Instagram baiting, right?

Just Shovel It In Your Mouth

Reddit / themcgician

We’ve heard of people saying they’re so hungry they’d shovel food in their mouths, but this is ridiculous. This restaurant literally serves a breakfast full of eggs, beans, mushroom, hash browns and sausages on a shovel. We hope that’s not the tool they used to shovel snow in the morning.

Service With Barbed Wire


Who needs service with a smile when you get two minis on barbed wire? Do you want to know what you’ll need with this? Band-aids… lots of them and maybe a trip to the emergency room. This is a great way to diet because looking at this will probably make your skin hurt and put you off food for a while. Just a little reminder to restaurant owners looking to be creative: barbed wires are not things you can put food on top of. Get it? Got it? Good!

We’re Not Sure What This Is, But Yikes!

Reddit / tribalkayaker

This odd drink is garnished with a rib, a slice of brisket, and a sausage on top (because why not?) A few Redditors believe this monstrosity is called a Holy Mary, and it sounds about right. How else would you call this unholy refreshment?

Cut Strawberry On A Chair

Reddit / AmieKinz

This probably costs a fortune, but it’s nothing more than a strawberry cut in half and then served on a fake gold chair. We can only imagine what Gordon Ramsay would say if someone brought this to his table. This sad attempt at innovative cuisine is beyond ridiculous. But we’re sure that hipsters will totally dig menu items like this one.

Tall Burger Precariously Serves On A Skillet With A Sword Through It

Reddit / Ensurdagen

Now we’ve seen it all! This has got to be the worst meat to bread ratio in a burger. Plus, can you imagine how long it’s going to take for you to wipe your nasty barbecue-coated hands after you’re done eating this? Who are we kidding? There’s no way anyone can finish this!

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